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As you experience changes in your life, your health insurance coverage should adjust as well. Help protect the ones you love with health coverage to support your individual needs.

  • You can purchase individual health insurance through the Health Insurance Marketplace on your own. Even though it’s called individual health insurance, you can also find plans to cover your family.

  • Health care can be expensive, it’s a smart idea to have health insurance so you’re prepared for when you or your family have medical needs.

Why should I have individual health insurance?

  • Prepare for the unexpected. You never know when you’ll need medical help.

  • Staying healthy. Many preventive care services – like checkups - are covered at 100%.

  • It’s the law. Under the Affordable Care Act, you may pay a penalty if you don’t have qualified health care coverage.



Life insurance is a crucial step in planning for your future and the future of your loved ones.

  • Life Term Insurance provides life insurance protection for a specified period of time. Term life is sometimes convertible to permanent coverage, providing you with flexibility as your needs change.

  • Whole Life Insurance is a form of permanent life insurance that remains in force for your entire lifetime, provided premiums are paid as specified in the policy.

  • Universal Life Insurance is a form of permanent life insurance characterized by its flexible premiums, face amounts and unbundled pricing structure. The savings element, premiums and death benefit can be reviewed and altered as a policyholder’s circumstances change.



The cost of not taking care of your oral health could be more.

  • Dental benefits can help you get regular preventive care to protect your oral health

  • Safeguard your total health with dental benefits. Having a dental plan means you’re covered for services that ensure your dental health, so your overall health is improved.

  • That’s why we contract with affordable carriers that deliver quality and value. We offer benefits for the most common procedures and a wide network of dentists.



We think you’ll like what you see in your search for the best vision insurance for you and your family.

  • Vision insurance is generally supplemental to other types of medical insurance policies. Vision insurance helps offset the costs of routine checkups and vision correction wear that may be prescribed

  • Routine eye exams are a preventive measure for keeping your overall health and wellness. Your doctor can look for vision problems and signs of serious medical conditions such as glaucoma, cataracts, diabetes, and even cancer.


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